One of the first visual items your customers/client/audience sees is a flyer. A flyer is a hard copy design element that people can post in their businesses, homes, jobs and in public places. It is a great visual tool that your audience can see that serves as a bold invitation to support your business, use your service or attend your event. View an example to the right —>


A postcard or rack card is a smaller version of a flyer that is easier for your audience to carry around. It serves as a very portable hard copy advertising tool to promote your service, event or business. Postcards are generally 4×6″ or 5×7″ and rack cards are 4×9″. Custom sizes are available. View some examples to the right and below.


A brochure is a great layout spread that can showcase your products or give information about your business or organization. It’s a great visual piece that can be distributed to potential customers or clients to encourage them to choose your product or service. Most brochures are 4 or 6 panels. View an example below.


Marketing collateral includes other items that promote your services, mission, project or event. It can be anywhere from custom ticket design for your event to a large vinyl banner at your place of business. These materials support your initial advertising items and can provide a larger, more varied  platform for your visual brand to be seen.

postcard designed for a sculpture reveal at a University

Ready to get started on your promotional design? GREAT!


postcard for a hair stylist

flyer for a women's retreat in California

flyer for a women’s retreat in California

postcard for a Humanitarian event in Maryland

brochure designed for a private school